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“...among the difficulties you will find opportunities...” (Albert Einstein)

Néos, the Greek for “innovation” is an international consultancy company that has deep cultural and professional roots yet an entirely new and successful vision.

Its knowledge network based services are dedicated to C-level managers and to the entrepreneurs of the most prestigious international companies.

Néos products, upon request and exclusively “tailor made”, spur the management (in strategic, operative, organizational, financial, etc. problem-solving) into searching within for the only answers that are able to create value and long-lasting corporate success.

Néos is therefore synonymous with excellence and innovation.

Now it’s time to choose which problem you want to turn into a profitable opportunity together with the Néos team.





Néos applies the principles of soulManagement and therefore proposes professional solutions from a different point of view: more ethical, efficient, passionate, and innovative. In one word: winning!

Néos offers an operative methodology that draws inspiration from 3 famous statements, which are universally accepted but not always applied with clarity and efficacy:

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” (Albert Einstein)

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” (Albert Einstein)

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” (Albert Einstein)

Tailor Made


designed for you

Néos only offers personalised services: teamwork and timing are 2 decisive factors.

TEAMWORK: after 25 years of professional activity, Néos founder has an international network of qualified professionals at his disposal, an excellent team which Néos specifically selects and appoints each time for every client.

TIMING: time is always a critical factor in every project, when it comes to success. Néos works 7 days out of 7 with flexible hours and absolutely “innovative” and hi-tech instruments.



partnership approach

The Néos philosophy is simple: to transform each professional commitment into reality.

Our motto is:

sell the problem you solve, not the product!

“...everything you already know that you need... but also everything you cannot yet imagine!

“...we will reach you wherever you want us to and only when you can: we work for you 7 days out of 7!”

“...with passion Néos creates value in companies with the same resources: this is the truly surprising innovation!”

“ conclusion, making a completely satisfied, passionate and optimistic individual out of every manager and entrepreneur...”

“...with soulManagement, at the root of every service that Néos offers, the equation is finally solved: we all win!”

Néos professionals follow 3 simple rules of conduct:




Every service that Néos offers draws inspiration from the principles of soulManagement, which are presented in the book “The Art of management

All the soulManagement “products/services”, the book, the association and the consulting company will donate a set amount of 1% of its profits (net worth) to sustainable humanitarian projects organised by a major international organization, to help solve the world problems such as peace, diseases, water, education, etc..


Luigi Manfredotti


Now the founder of “soulManagement” (with the presentation of his first book “The Art of management”, and soon with the company NÉOS and the asssociation sM.I.A) he has always passionately devoted himself to problem solving (problem≡opportunity) in well-established international companies, motivating the management and entrepreneurs to seeking within the only answers that can create value and long-lasting corporate success as well as an exciting self-fulfilling life covering 360 degrees.

Luigi Manfredotti


“I define myself as a mentor-innovator, I am what I do, and therefore I do what I truly love, and I do it well! I motivate successful people to wellbeing and, with passion, to the sharing of profound values...”


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Firma Luigi Manfredotti

Luigi Manfredotti

mail: luigi@né

skype: luigimanfredotti

Néos only appoints successful professionals for successful clients.

Néos founder’s 25 years of international professional experience are the guarantee of excellent human resources that are properly selected to meet the needs of every single client.

Néos has changed all the “rules of the game”: by applying the 3 ethical principles of soulManagement, Néos offers innovative answers to traditional corporate problems, shifting the focus to the human factor (managerial and/or entrepreneurial), the key to every long-lasting corporate success.

The ability to develop innovative networks of professionals or rather the more surprising ability to work with internal corporate resources, are some of the winning ingredients of the “tailor made” services of Néos.